About EJJCompany

EJJ Solutions LLC is an Information Technology Boutique offering elite information technology and computer systems advise through an expansive network of technology specialists and industry mentors. EJJ has a wealth of retained expertise within the company with a vast amount of years invested in the industry, which is greatly enhanced by the partner network we have cultivated. We will never proclaim that we have all the answers, but we continue to strive for that goal, assisted by the continual expansion of our specialists’ partner network.

EJJ is a North Carolina registered reseller and partners with the top three USA technology distributers to provide the very best technology offerings available. These distributor relationships grant EJJ access to all of the trusted manufacturers for product and technical resources. This is valuable for providing an insight into product development and identifying technologies that will enhance productivity.

EJJ has the proven experience to identify information technology inefficiencies and computer system bottle necks to drive change that results in productivity increases whilst always focusing on the improving of the customers experience and exceeding customer’s expectations.

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